Thursday, July 23, 2009

Driver's License Update

Finally! She got it!
Here is the story: Elizabeth had called me while I was in the lab at work. I saw the missed call and noticed that my car was back in it's parking place at work. I called her back. "I didn't get it." She said, "I missed it by one point. We're going to go back Friday." "'s'll get it tomorrow, " I said. I was starting to get a little ticked off at the women at the DMV.
When I got home, Elizabeth came up and said, "See what they did to my permit....they put "intermediate driver's license" on it!!!" Which means that she passed the driver's test and she actually got her license. What a butthead!"
Congratulations, Elizabeth! I knew you could do it!

Even Bryan was excited about Elizabeth's driver's license!
Happy Friday and have a great weekend!!

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