Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Almost Twins

14 and 16-the best thing about having a "borrowing" his clothes....
the best thing about being an older sister...knowing that he is NOT going to actually hit you...and if he does......well.....then he's in BIG trouble....

Learning a few new techniques from and her free class. Her classes are really awesome-her voice is soothing and filled with knowledge. Anyway-the original photo is below:

Totally loving the tie-dye shirt that Elizabeth made with a friend that was part of the huge purchase of "Summer Projects" that we made a while back. So glad it was put to good use. They did a great job creating them!

So you'll see that while I love the color of the shirt, I also knew that it was SO colorful that de-saturating it wouldn't detract from adorable Elizabeth. Using Photoshop Elements 6.0, I desaturated the photo, cropped it, and then colorized the photo slightly, giving it a bit of a sepia tone. I chose not to colorize her cheeks. I totally love the result! Miss you Elizabeth! Looking forward to you coming home soon!

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