Friday, July 10, 2009

Musicians-Trumpet (Cornet) Lessons

Bryan is taking summer trumpet lessons. Below is the excitement that followed. Above is the last time that I saw the clarinet at home making noise {circa 2004!!!!!} Normally, the clarinet stays at school. But this story is about Bryan. No one else has been showing up to Bryan's trumpet lessons. So he is basically getting one-on-one lessons. Like 10 of them-for $30. It is sweet. I hope he sticks with it. And the best part is that he can walk to his lesson! He is sounding pretty good. I LOVE LOVE LOVE having a bigger house for this practice. Because that little house was NOT good for practicing.
So on the day of Bryan's first lesson-Elizabeth actually got her clarinet out to play some tunes with him. She even played some Pep band tunes. I was impressed.

Bryan is kind of liking the one-on-one lessons.

He says that he can buzz his lips really well and that was one reason why he chose the trumpet.

The fact that there are only 3 fingers needed helps a little too.

Anything that gets the clarinet some air to the real world is a good thing!

Despite herself, Elizabeth said she misses marching band and is looking forward to starting back up very soon.

Check it out! The saxomophone even made a special appearance. It hasn't been out of the CASE since 2007 when William said one year was ENUF!!!

But he looks soooo cool playing it....and he knows....
I love you guys-and I love that you at least TRY to love music! Happy Friday!

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