Sunday, December 5, 2010

Sunday-NFL Football Game


For an early Christmas gift this year, I bought my husband tickets to the Vikings-Bills game in Minnesota.  Neither one of us had ever been to Minnesota, so it was quite an adventure for the two of us to take off on our own Sunday morning to watch some NFL football.



Unfortunately, Buffalo didn’t play very well.  But we had an awesome time. 


Got a photo of Rian Lindell practicing field goals before the game. 


And the offense lining up on the field. 


This play should have been a touchdown.  Instead, well…they fumbled it and turned it over.  Even though Buffalo didn’t play as well as we would have hoped, my husband had a great time watching the game.  I had kind of been looking forward to watching Brett Favre play, so I was disappointed that they injured him during the first play of the game.


I got a photo of him during pre-game warmups when he was out on the field.  I could tell it was him from way up in the stands just by his body language on the field. He looks like a little kid out on the field.


I wasn’t too upset because my team did this! 


And then I got to take a photo of this at the Mall of America. 

I have some journaling that I am going to include with these photos that will go into my December Daily for today. But that will have to wait until tomorrow.  What a LONG day! 

Happy Monday!

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