Sunday, December 5, 2010

December Daily 2010-Day 1 and 2



My cover:  I am showing it again because I  found these sweet foil snowflake stickers that match the foil imprint that was already on the album cover. 


The overlay on the photo says, “Hello December” although it is a little lighter than I would like. 


One of my December joys this year is this pair of Christmas socks that I found when I was buying Elizabeth socks at American Eagle for Christmas. 


I hadn’t originally planned to use these Ali Edwards’ journaling overlays, but I bought them and since I knew I was going to be out of town this day, I did the journaling in my hotel room on Wednesday night.  I have since decided that I want to include more of the journaling/stories that happen around here during the holidays, so I plan to use a lot more of these. 


Holiday Cheer in a cup-I put this on the back of the overlay. 



Photos that I took on the Second of December.  The wreath was on the door of the testing facility in Downer’s Grove that I was working at, the self-portrait is in the bathroom mirror of the hotel (I was really happy because it was “going home” day), and the third is a photo of the snow flurries coming down at the rest area that I stop at on the way home.  I used one of Ali’s December Daily template, “Peace on Earth,” and re-sized it from 12x12 to 8x8 so it would fit in the album.


This journaling overlay isn’t quite finished-I still need to add a photo of the Advent Calendars in the open space. 


Daddy’s early Christmas present. 


I also decided to include this art journal page that I made in my hotel room on the 30th. 

I’m a little behind, but I am loving the process and going with the flow. We have so many things going on this last week and this week that I am trying really hard to get the stories down on my blog and in a notebook so that I can get the journaling done when I have time.  I also CAN’T WAIT to work on Tim’s 12 tags.  But one thing at a time. 

Happy Sunday! 


scrapchick said...

Nice! Love how you are incorporating the sheets from Ali!

Dana said...

Love your december daily albums! I am going through yours to get inspiration. How do you resize a 12.12 template to 8x8? Before or after you add pictures?