Monday, October 25, 2010

Teenagers are Lame and other stories from our Weekend-Edit


Why is this an edit?  Well-because I realized that actually I am the one who is lame and that I left out some of the best stories from the weekend.  So I am adding interesting content.  Does it make my weekend sound more exciting?  Well…no, not really, but there were some interesting stories…


What IS that?


Why, it’s pumpkin Pi!  Who would do such a thing? 


Well-probably they guy with the PI tattoo.  To 57 decimal places…um…engineers…yes, we have a sense of humor-all our own…Actually, the story behind the tattoo is that he wanted 57 decimal places, but underestimated the diameter of his arm and had to have someone look up like another 2 numbers.  I think.  I might be off by a couple of decimal places, but I think that is allowed when you are that far out, right?


Paul and Deborah!  Thanks for the party! 


Oh, sorry.  Farmer Paul and Deborah!

(Sitting on the STRAW.)


Our local firefighter looks on, making sure that we don’t burn the garage down. 


Bill, Bryan, and I actually chose not to carve our pumpkins this weekend.  We will do ours this coming weekend.  Which is to say that I will help everyone else carve there pumpkins when they get tired of them…


Bryan played some pool…


with Daddy.


Then we checked out the Martha Stewart approved eggsacs. 


and the giant spider (Shelob?)


and looked for mice.  There were 50 some all over the house.  We didn’t even get close to that, but we did enjoy finding them all over!


Elizabeth took a photo of the dogs begging from me for a change.  And since I am a Mom, I have forgotten how to eat sitting down, so I mostly just stand up…


So-on to the lameness.  Elizabeth had been planning to go the the party with us.  So William took a shower and got all dressed up and ready to go.IMG_5330

Then Elizabeth said that she wasn’t going.  Something about how she hasn’t seen her friend for like 2 weeks…blah blah…  Lame!  Since she wouldn’t go…William refused to go too…Lame!


And Ralph was just disappointed because the Bears played like crap. 

Poor Ralph.

but Project week starts tomorrow! 

so Happy Tuesday!!!  see you tomorrow!

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scrapchick said...

Fun weekend - how cute on the mice!