Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Picture Fall Part 3


{10:16 Juxtaposition}

I had been wondering how I was ever going to figure out what to take a photo of for this prompt.  And then I saw this reflection in the window. 


Ralph saw me taking photos out the window and he wanted to know what was so exciting.  He couldn’t figure it out.


Then Tigger had to see too!  She didn’t see anything exciting either.


{10:17 Bounty}

William made apple crisp on Monday night.  He did a fine job too.  Yum!!


{10:19 Scatter}

I thought it was so funny when I saw this prompt this morning.  Because my desk looked something like this. 

This is also a sneak peak of my next project.  In fact, I am working on finishing up some projects so that I can have a project week on my blog next week!  I’m really excited.  Posts on the blog might be kind of short the rest of the week. 



Oh wait, no. 

That’s just Bryan with an apple from Tanners…;)

Have a great Wednesday! 

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scrapchick said...

Great Fall pics! Apple Crisp does look good!

PS Chance at little scrappy giveaway on my Oct 19 blog post. ;)