Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween 2010


Project Week will continue tomorrow, but real life caught up with me the last few days.  I always forget how many Halloween traditions we celebrate every year too.  Most of my Halloween excitement starts just a day or two before Halloween, so it is sometimes a struggle to get it all done before dark on Oct 31! 

{PNG files in first and last photo are freebies from Ali’s website here. }


One of my favorite traditions is pumpkin carving.  There is something about waiting until the last minute (Halloween afternoon) every year and rushing to get them finished before the sun goes down. 


Elizabeth didn’t carve this year.  She wasn’t feeling well, so I got to carve her pumpkin instead.


William carved his own pumpkin.  He chose a face because he thought it looked like Voldemort.

(William has always liked the Harry Potter movies, but lately he has been READING all of the books.  I am very proud of him because he has been reading like crazy lately.)   


Bryan carved his own pumpkin too.  He made a cute jack ‘o’ lantern face.


Actually, we had a nice, relaxed afternoon of pumpkin carving.  I enjoyed it!


I made some caramel apples too.  Yum. 


I also made some sugar cookies. 


Which I also enjoyed. 


After I made the cookies, I was digging through cupboards and I found some Halloween cookie cutters that I forgot that I had.  Oops.  Maybe I will make some ghosty cookies next year…


Bryan did some facebooking this morning. 


I found a lovely skeleton garland at Michael’s on Saturday.  I thought it was festive :) 


Here I am with my bat pumpkin. 


Hope you had a great Halloween! 

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scrapchick said...

Nice pumpkins! Looks like a fun Halloween & the Apples & Cookies look delish!