Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Around Here-August 2010


Around here the butterflies are loving the zinnias.  When the bees let them.  I watched a bee chase away a butterfly the other day.  I was trying to photograph the butterfly at the time.  Not that I don’t appreciate the bees, but geez…


Around here I only take time to check out the Morning Glories on the Weekends.  (Wish I could get up a little earlier in the mornings during the week…)  I love them.  I love how they wave to you as they reach to wrap themselves around everything that they can get their vines on!  I think they would wrap themselves around Ralph if he would stand still long enough.  I still worry that that one day I’ll go outside and one of them will be wrapped around him.


Around here the hair was getting pretty shaggy.


So he got it lopped off. 

Around here, William said, “I really like having short hair.”  Ahhh…music to a mother’s ears…


Around here I couldn’t believe how short Elizabeth got her hair cut.  But she really likes hers too.


Around here, 5 on 5 finished last Wednesday. 

A bit of the conversation: “The other team is checking out our plays.”  Bryan: “Dude, that’s my Mom.”

Around here I am READING A TON!  I will be back blogging full time in about week:)  I really miss it. 

Happy Thursday!  Have a great weekend.


Carrie said...

Oh the Morning Glories are so pretty! I grow them each year and wrap around spokes of my deck but I think my puppies were digging in the pots this year! Nice haircuts and ROFL at "Dude, that's my Mom."

Sarah B said...

Hahahaha!! Bryan cracks me up! Thank you for the photo of William wearing the shirt I got him for his birthday! It looks good on him. I'm sure he's living up to it! ;) I was really happy to see a new post from you!! I check your blog every night I work and it was good to see your adult-like kids and their grown up hair cuts and your beautiful flowers and butterflies! Miss you!!! I might call you later today if I get around to it! I've been meaning to call you! Can't wait to see you in 2 weeks!!! <3 Love you Chrissy!