Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Back to School-Part II


First day of school-2010

{Someone (usually Bryan) is ALWAYS blurry in my photos of the 3 kids.  I have taken sets of 10 photos before just to get one where all 3 are in focus.  I had enough patience among the 3 to get one photo snapped this morning.  Not to mention the fact that Elizabeth wasn’t ready until the last minute (as usual).  But…the photo was taken and the first day of school has commenced.  }


Getting ready.


Not wanting to get up. 


Cleaning white shoes. 


Drinking milk.


Clothes laid out to get ready. 


Happy to be awake so early. 

Okay, this is probably why some people hate me.  It is 8:24 am.  I already have all of my first day of school photos blogged and uploaded onto my computer from my camera.  And I am uploading them to Shutterfly as we speak to get them printed at Target this morning so that I can pop them in the Project Life album.  And I will probably do a scrapbook page about the first day of school, but I’m not sure I will do that today.  I probably should, but I’m not OVER-zealous :)  Anyway, I LOVE the first day school and since I graduated in 2006, I have begun taking the first day of school off so that I can celebrate the way things have changed over the years.  Some years I make an album, some years I just take some photos.  This year I have been journaling and blogging the photos. While I was going to school, some semesters put me in a position where I was unable to celebrate the first day of school with the kids and I am making up for that now.  The year I had my co-op in the Fall, my first day of work coincided with Elizabeth’s first day of middle school.  And that really sucked.  I was a nervous wreck and she was mad at me-it made for good times.

I have decided to start my Project Life album with this past weekend.  Because this will be the last real school year.  And I have some awesome photos from the weekend that I want to include.  Next year, Elizabeth will be going to college (probably community college, but things will still be VERY different.)  And I want to document this last year in a very special way. 

So happy Tuesday (again).  Don’t hate me too much… 

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Anonymous said...

lol, No hate - that's great! We start next week, so much to do yet!