Sunday, August 15, 2010

Post Number 500

I started my blog on October 26, 2008.  And I couldn’t be happier.  I love being able to share our lives with friends and family all over the place. 


In honor of almost 2 years of blogging, I thought I would go through a list of all the things that have happened since I started my blog. 


Elizabeth got her license. … and Elizabeth got her first ticket.  {Stupid…interstate cameras…mumble…mumble…}


William graduated from 8th grade. 


Bryan “graduated” from 5th grade.  



Elizabeth was in marching band for the last 2 years. 


William made cookies.  And French toast.  Lots of French toast.  William makes better French toast than I do. And he usually offers to make some for everyone. 


I posted my December Daily pages throughout the month of December in 2008 and 2009.  {And I’ve started planning for my 2010 December Daily.}


Bryan’s football team won every game except their first one last Fall.


Sarah and I made oatmeal cookies Superbowl weekend and ate LOTS of cookie dough. 



Jake and I took photos of each other in the dining room.



I have made LOTS of quarts of salsa. 


Bryan and I have watched 32 (give or take) Chicago Bears regular season Football games. 

I have posted photos taken from 5 different Canon digital cameras (3 of which are still in use), plus photos that my Mom, my brother, and my sister have taken. 


Elizabeth is always game to help me out when I have a photography assignment. 


William made it through his Freshman year of high school.


We got snowcones on the other side of town. 


I have taken LOTS of photos of butterflies over the last 2 years.  I love butterflies and the butterflies LOVE to hang out in the zinnias.  

I have taken over 20,000 photos. 


My husband has gotten more and more irritated with my photography habit.  But he never really gets mad.


I hope you enjoyed taking this look back over the last two years with me. I know I skipped about 20,000 things that have also happened.  Like celebrating Christmas, taking a bazillion photos over Thanksgiving, etc.  I really had fun going back and trying to figure out how many things I have posted about over the last 2 years.  I can’t believe how many things have happened in our life since I started blogging.  And I can’t believe how many MORE things are going to happen this year too! I am also totally looking forward to having family come visit this weekend!   Happy Monday!

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scrapchick said...

Congrats on 500! Fun look back! Nice new header too!