Sunday, August 8, 2010

Picture Summer-Days 19-23


{19:31 Jump Shot}

I didn’t think this photo would come out as well as it did, but it turned out awesome!  I loved how easy it was.  Of course Elizabeth was a pretty willing subject.  She was really excited when I told her what she was supposed to do :)  I decided that we’ll have to get one of these for Senior Pictures.


I was going to re-use a photo that I took earlier in the Summer-I love this one with the Chinese lanterns in the backyard.  But then I saw these the other morning while I was getting ready for work: 


{20:31 When Order is in Order}

And I just happened to have the zoom lens on my camera so I was able to capture them before they all flew away. 


{21:31 Spacey}

I actually specifically took this photo for whitespace, just not for this particular assignment.  It still counts though, right ;)


{22:31 Girl Put Your Records On}

“Fell in to a sea of grass, and disappeared among the shady blades.”  -Jane’s Addiction, Summertime Rolls

I love this song and I have been listening to it all Summer.  I had also created an Art Journal Page with this line as the theme earlier in the Summer, so it was the first song I though of for this assignment.


{23:31 Life is But a Dream}

I was trying to make my dirty birdbath look dreamy.  Hmmm…Not sure how I feel about it yet. 

I still have a handful of photos to take to finish out the class, but I am definitely loving this class as much as I loved Picture Spring! 

Hope everyone had a great weekend.  I had a great one!  I got a lot done and I have tomatoes all over the place, so I have been making tons of salsa.  I will post some photos of that soon. 

Happy Monday! 

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Carrie said...

Nice pictures! Are you taking Pic Fall also? Love the jump shot!