Thursday, August 26, 2010

Project Life


First things first-this book was created for engineers.  I mean-look at the way these colors mix and match.  I’ll get back to that in a second.

My kitchen table was all cleared off on Tuesday from having company for the weekend, so it was the perfect time to pull out all of the cards and figure out how I wanted to arrange them.  


These small journaling cards are my favorites. 


This is the huge mess that I made.  But it was okay because the kids were at school.  And the dogs were laying around doing nothing :) So-back to this book being for engineers.  I mean, really.  I like to organize by color.  And I’m very systematic about it.  I loved it. 


This is how week one turned out (so far).  I started with Saturday and went through the first day of school. 


Now comes the hard part:  keeping up on printing the photos and taking a photo a day. 

Like mine and want to create your own?  You can learn more about Project Life here.  Thanks so much, Becky Higgins!  I love it! 

Happy Friday!!

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scrapchick said...

Looks nice! Love the colors too.