Monday, August 9, 2010

Summer Memory #29 Thinking about Band


Bryan playing his “new to him” trumpet.  The woman sold me when I did the math in my head and realized that it cost me exactly the same to buy this “pre-beat up” trumpet or rent a shiny “Bryan will beat it up anyway” trumpet.  So I bought it!

Elizabeth says that she is thinking about how she doesn’t have to go to band.  And she is happy.  The rest of us…well…I’m trying to figure out what I’m going to do this Fall…


Bryan playing his candy whistle from the music store.  I couldn’t pass them up.


I had originally intended to set up the shot for “Girl put your records on.”  But I realized that Daddy wasn’t making faces at the camera…for a change.  So I took a few photos of him.


Sometimes…I really like photos when people aren’t looking at the camera.  Especially since Daddy can’t just pretend like the camera isn’t there. 

This is my 499th post-Wow!  I was pretty excited about that!  I will try to come up with something really exciting (?) for my 500th post! 

Happy Tuesday!!

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Carrie said...

Fun with the instruments, lol. Great shots of your hubs!