Monday, March 21, 2011

Painting the Kitchen


Before.  We have a problem with peeling paint in the kitchen.  One of the things that I totally love about our house is that there are layers and layers and layers in certain areas of our home (and for sure-not all of it is pretty Smile  But these layers certainly are one of the reasons for the peeling paint…


After, Part I-ceiling painted and new ceiling fan installed. 


I LOVE the repetitive motion of painting.  If it didn’t take so long to set up to get ready to paint, I would LOVE painting.  But the actual painting part (which pales in comparison to the time that it takes to prepare to paint) is actually very relaxing.  As long as you don’t panic when the wall is drying…because it always looks like crap when it’s drying. 


Love painting in small spaces with giant size appliances in the middle of the room…


After Part II-walls painted and a new rug, which matches the one in the dining room.  We are considering putting new flooring in…but it won’t be anything too time consuming or expensive. 

Next step-making the curtains for the dining room and the kitchen.  Maybe next weekend…

Happy Tuesday!

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