Thursday, March 3, 2011



Photo by Elizabeth-what a goofy pair we are. 


The pyramids at Giza in a book that my Mom bought me several years ago about Egypt. 


The Pyramids at Giza in watercolor. 

{Love Alisa Burke’s Sketchbook Delight class.  Wish I could make myself sit down and sketch more often, but I am often stricken by fear of pen and blank page and I find other things to do.  Love of playing with watercolors is usually what inspires me to action.}


Um…yea-I’m probably going to regret putting this photo into the post tomorrow.  But my husband goes nuts when the catalogs in the mail have little cologne envelopes in them and he has to rub them all over himself. And yay-he finally shaved the goatee!


Goofy Self-portrait. 


William decided he wanted to build a cabin.  Actually, Bryan wanted to build a cabin on Tuesday, but I didn’t get a photo taken of him with it (I don’t know why!) and William took it apart to build another one. 


William used to LOVE to build with Legos when he was little and would spend hours building them. 


I finally got inspired enough tonight to do a load of laundry and create an art journal page.  Hoping I can be more creative this weekend! 

Happy Friday!  (4-day weekend for the kids!)

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scrapchick said...

hehe, on the mag scents pic! Great job on the Pyramids!