Tuesday, March 8, 2011

It’s a Beautiful Day


Well, it was a beautiful day.  Back in September.  When I took this photo.  I was looking through photos that I took over the weekend. And I came across this one. This is my kind of day.  Beautiful field (yes I am a child of the Midwest Winking smile.  Beautiful sky.  Beautiful clouds-few and far between.   This is a beautiful day.  *Sigh*  I am sooo ready for Spring. 


This photo was taken the same day, but several hours later.  I am partial to sunsets and farms.  Which is probably a good thing living in Iowa-we have a lot of both.  And a little lens flare is always nice too.  Edit: So I’m looking at this photo and the more I think about it, whether I took it this week or not-I really like this photo and I think it should be my repetition photo!  I can’t believe it was just buried in with my daughter and her friends’ senior photos and I forgot all about it! 


Finally, I love these rolling hills.  This photo reminded me of the prompt for the week in Picture Inspiration-Rhythm and/or Repetition.  The rolling hills remind me of rhythm. 


But my photo for the week is this photo that I took over the weekend and was inspired by Repetition (and Ralph!)  The repetition of the rows leads your eye to the treeline…which I didn’t have time to explore-maybe next time we visit.   And it is so fitting right now-no green to be found anywhere! 



Final thought of the day is Tigger-Tiggy for short.  She was a real trooper while I was adventuring and taking photos.  Her knees were really bothering her by the time we headed back to the house, but she made it (there and back again as Bilbo would say).  She was even pretty interested in something that she saw deep in the grass here.  I didn’t hang out long enough to find out Smile 

Happy Ash Wednesday (is it okay to say happy?)  How about have a peaceful Ash Wednesday!

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scrapchick said...

Beautiful pics! Also so ready for SPRING!