Thursday, January 20, 2011

Senior Photos-Elizabeth has chosen!


The Senior Yearbook Photo

So we finally have some Senior photos to show off.  Because I LOVE taking the photos-and I procrastinate as long as I possibly can on editing them.  Not because I don’t like editing-I actually love it.  I think it is more of a fear that I won’t like any of the photos that I took. But it’s not about me-back to Elizabeth. 

One of the things that I love about Elizabeth is that she doesn’t agonize over decisions.  The photo above was my favorite from the beginning.  I love the river in the background and I love the way that the late afternoon sun is reflecting on her hair.  It gives a glow to the photo that frankly didn’t need much editing. 


I also love this one. 


This photo was Elizabeth’s second favorite and it almost made the yearbook pick.  But she decided that she loved the background of the other one better. I love this photo too.  Which is funny because the “Straight out of the camera” photo looked like crap.  Seriously-I did the most horrible job of looking through the viewfinder…ever…


I also really like this photo. 


And this one would have looked great if she hadn’t been in a “mood” and making a face.  Of course, it does “reflect” her personality perfectly!


And finally-this photo.  I love the lace and the jean jacket.  And of course-I heart the zinnias.  In fact, this shot was set up by Elizabeth-she chose the location at Mom’s.  I love it.  She will make a great photographer!  She is well on her way already! 

Okay-so now to ship off the yearbook photo and get ready to start ordering photos. 

Peace out and happy Friday!