Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Felt Heart Wreath

IMG_8209 warmer

I have been very inspired by Valentine’s Day and hearts and love lately.  I created this wreath over the weekend- it was inspired by Alisa Burke’s Felt Leaves Centerpiece in this post.  (And several other wreath tutorials she has posted on her blog-LOVE her ideas!)


I have been wanting to try free-form sewing (also inspired by Alisa Burke) this year, so last Wednesday (my birthday), I ordered a darning foot for my sewing machine. On Friday, it was in my mailbox.  I was really excited to get started.


I started with some cotton duck canvas cloth and some felt hearts that I cut out. I used the cotton duck to add a little more surface area to be able to maneuver the heart around under the needle.  (I was a little afraid of sewing my finger…) 


I also cut out some leaf shapes and created some leaf veins with red thread.  Then I laid out all of the pieces until I found the right shape.


Before I sewed the pieces together, I trimmed the canvas off of the shapes. 


And finally-the finished product. This is about how exciting my Saturday nights get Smile  

IMG_8212 edit

And finally…on the wall.  Like I said-I have been inspired by love and valentines lately…A LOT…

Happy Wednesday! 

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Anonymous said...

Nice! And me too! My Mom is coming over tonight to work on Heart wreaths. :)