Monday, January 24, 2011

Painting Nook


I have been planning to “de-clutter” one of the dormers in our attic where my studio is located (and our bedroom). 

It is part of my “Simplify” plan/ One Little Word for 2011. 


This is a pile of things.  Yes-I’m going to leave it at that.


And another pile of things. Neither lovely nor simple nor pleasing to the eye.


Now it looks like this.  Beautiful natural light.  And Space.  And Room. 

{And no piles of things-at least not nearly as many}


And this.  Paintings that aren’t complete, but that I am inspired by.


I even brought my laptop up for reference on the painting that I was working on.  It is very bright during the day, so it makes a great weekend retreat.  Not so much during the week since there is usually no daylight by the time I get home from work this time of the year. 

Lovely.  And simple. 


Happy Tuesday!

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Anonymous said...

Looks great! Great job at putting your word into action. Love your paintings! Sorry we had to take out your Bears on the way to the PACKERS going to SUPERBOWL! ;) hehe