Thursday, November 11, 2010

Home Alone Day 2


Well Honey we are still alive.  The enchiladas courteously provided by Mrs. Stouffers (in your grocers freezer) were ok but nothing like yours =P.  The Lasagna was actually pretty good, I would recommend highly to any other helpless fathers out there.  We miss you very much Hurry home but drive safe. 


All of us and Ralph too (he thinks he deserves a by line dumb Dog)


Paul said...

My guess was that you'd be washing yourself with a rag on a stick (as Bart imagines himself in 20 years), but you look pretty clean. We're all very proud of you.

Anonymous said...

hahaha - You're family has quite the sense of humor! Fun! Hope you found some sightseeing time on your trip this week!

Christina Tryon said...

Unfortunately, I didn't get any sightseeing in-well, except for the Archiver's in Downer's Grove, which I TOTALLY recommend. But I am SOOOO happy to be home! You did good, honey: )