Sunday, November 21, 2010

Blast from the Past


Going through old Christmas photos this morning and getting in the Christmas spirit!  And I found one from 1982.  My sister Sarah’s first Christmas.  Playing in the box.  “It’s just what I always wanted!”  Love this!


Family Christmas photo circa 2006.  My camera was broken and I had to use Elizabeth’s Kodak.  The photos may not be exactly what I would have liked, but at least I DO have some.  That is the true meaning of Christmas-family time and getting it caught on film.  It is also our first Christmas in our very own house. 


And one more photo from 2006.  So cute, aren’t they?  We still put our stockings in the hallway every year. 

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Anonymous said...

Cute pics! Neat idea on the stocking in hallway - I hang on entertainment center cabinet handles. Not very festive. lol