Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Busy Tuesday


Basketball!  I haven’t been to a middle school basketball since William played basketball in 8th grade.  I forgot how much fun it can be! 


I was also pretty impressed.  Bryan plays a lot of basketball, but I didn’t realize just how athletic he really was. 


Action shot.  This one came down to the wire.  OMG!  So close to winning.


With 16 seconds to go, the score was 23-22 Rams.  Then the Lancer’s scored.  24-23 at the buzzer…


Less than an hour later we were here.  (Thank goodness for the crock pot and my loving husband who was kind enough to put ribs in the crock pot this morning since he was off today.)  Bill and I were wondering what happened to Bryan.  Elizabeth and William clearly got all of the gene that causes them to “Care” what they look like (even a little more than some).  Bryan…he didn’t get that gene…at all.  He didn’t even tie his shoes. He was mad because he couldn’t just wear jean shorts.  So I guess I got part of what I wanted.  He did wear the dress pants.  


The concert was awesome.  And very fast after sitting in a gym watching 2 hours of basketball. 

And after all that…yes…we voted! 


The basketball boy and I.  With the checklist of things to do today written on my hand.

{The list says:  2:45-Bball , Gatorade, 6:30 Band} 


Daddy stopped watching the poll results just long enough for me to snap a photo. 


Bryan took a photo of us too.  Bill kept trying to get me to touch his “Hiney” (Heineken), but I told him no :) 

Hope everyone had a wonderful Tuesday! 

Now-on to Wednesday.  Woot!

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