Saturday, November 13, 2010

Home Again


I am home again, safe and sound.  We were working 9-10 hour days, so it was dark when I wasn’t working.  Since it is the first time I have been around this area, I was a little unsure about venturing out, especially in the dark (so no sightseeing this trip), but I did hit the local scrapbook store. 


Text to Sarah:  Smallest hotel room ever.  But I have Rosemary Triscuits so it’s okay. 


The results of my trip to Archiver’s-Downer’s Grove. 

Dear Martha at Archiver’s, I love your store.  I wandered around for over an hour like a kid in a candy store.  Thank you.

P.S. My husband will probably never let me come back Smile 

Instant Message on Thursday to Paul:  Archiver’s=Heaven. 

Text to Mom: Scrapbook Store equals heaven. 

Mom: Ooh I’m green with envy. 

Text to Mom:  Probably not if you knew how much I spent!


Look…A wagon wheel!


Contents of my purse, Stacy Julian style.  Well-sort of.  I didn’t make the contents of my purse look as good as she did.  Yes, I have 8 “AA” batteries and 6 pens.  And a roll of quarters for tolls.  And a static strap.  I’m pretty lame… Actually-as I’m looking at the photo, I see that I still have a pen in one of the pockets-so I have 7 pens.  And I had 2 cell phones that are also not in the photo.  As you can see, I do NOT have a pocket protector.  So I’m not too lame. Nerd smile

{And a pair of gloves because my hands are always cold.}




What I am reading right now.


Talking to Daddy on the phone Thursday night.


I bought this as a kit a couple of years ago as a leftover from Donna Downey’s “Inspired” weekend.  I put it together right away, but it has been sitting around waiting to have something put in it. 


So I filled it with information about my first trip away from home by myself.


Art Journaling supplies that I brought along with me.  I created an art journal page each night. 

So there it is.  I can’t really talk about testing, but I had a really interesting time and I worked a little harder than I had planned Open-mouthed smile

And I’m really glad to be home now. 

Happy Sunday!  {Go Bears.}

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Anonymous said...

The journal looks great! Love all the stash! Archiver's is dangerous! lol