Sunday, November 7, 2010



I am leaving like what I feel like are a hundred thousand things undone, but one thing I really want to do is leave my family a post telling them that I love them.  I am going to be on travel for work this week and this is something that they have never had to deal with before.  I haven’t either.  I am nearly in tears just writing this. 


1. You guys will be fine.  You WILL NOT die without me here. 

2. Daddy will make sure that you eat.  You may need to remind him, though.

3. I am always just a phone call or a text away (technology is sweet!).

4. Daddy will be manning the blog this week.

5. I love you guys so much.

6. I will not promise that I won’t spend too much money at the nearby scrapbook store. 

7. I am NOT going to the nudey bar, honey.  I promise. 

8.  Bryan has basketball games on Tuesday and Thursday.

9.  I love you guys.  (Did I mention that?)

10.  Behave and no fighting while I am gone.  No fighting when I get home either.  Smile

11. Someone needs to go to the gym with Daddy to keep him out of trouble.


12. One more thing. Sorry, honey, but Woot!  Bears win! 

Happy Monday! 

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scrapchick said...

Aw, how sweet! Hope you find some fun goodies at the new scrapstore!