Sunday, May 17, 2009

Random Weekend Events

#1. Saw Star Trek-it was, quite possibly, the best movie I have ever seen! Seriously, it was that good. Now-keep in mind...I am a bit of a trekkie and I watch the old ones all the time, so I got all of the little inside jokes. It was still awesome. Definitely replaced First Contact as my favorite Star Trek movie. Having a hot Kirk didn't hurt any either...
#2. William is making his Birthday List-so be ready. Complete with hyperlinks that say, "Click here for the magic."

#3. Ralph is looking on. Such a cute puppy....

#4. Bryan is laying on the floor with Tigger.

#5. Playing with Dimensional paint.

#6. Playing with regular paint.

#7. Stock photo of Elizabeth. She was hanging out with friends all weekend. She was supposed to take pictures, but the camera's memory card conveniently died.

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