Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Monday-8 Minutes

I had almost an hour from the time I got home from work until the time that I had to leave for a PTA meeting. I was making some pizza rolls for the kids and I glanced out the window to see this beautiful cardinal sitting on the birdbath through the kitchen window. I ran into the living room to grab the camera. I had to take the photo through the window screen, but I was able to take all of these shots in the next 8 minutes.
I was following the cardinal with the camera when he flew down to the ground. That's when I realized that Mrs. Cardinal was eating at the bird feeder. (Amazing since the sparrow family that lives nearby tends to try to chase the cardinals away.)

While I was snapping photos of Mrs. Cardinal, I realized that my iris bloomed while I was at work! So after the birds flew away from the feeder, I ran outside and took photos of the iris.

So Beautiful! That one little flower....
And that was 8 minutes of my Monday. Probably the best 8 minutes....Happy Wednesday!

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