Tuesday, December 25, 2012

December Daily 2012-Days 21-25


I LOVE when my kids take Polaroids and leave them out for me Open-mouthed smile .  Elizabeth had one of her brothers take this one while I was taking a shower on Sunday night.  I needed a small photo to add to the 21st, so I used it.


Dressing up for no reason and going out to dinner.  SO MUCH FUN.  So…the reason that I licked my husband was because I wanted a real smile from him.  Which I got.  So it had the desired effect Open-mouthed smile.  And I apologized to Bryan who was taking the photo, but he thought it was funny because he was already getting ready to take the photo when I was smiling and suddenly broke my position to do it. 


Working on “us”.  So important after 17 years.


Just a simple Sizzix cutout on the back. 


Random Polaroid while the two of us were working on putting together a Star Trek Enterprise model. 


I actually took the photo of the tree on Christmas morning (thus the bag of trash Winking smile) and I took the photo of the heart-shaped candy canes in November.  


Digging out the truck and the S4.  And a close-up of my fabulous new tires. 


Adorable baby pics.  Talking to his Grandpa.  I think he was telling him that he is really a Buffalo Bills fan. 


My favorite photo of the year. Now we have two of them Open-mouthed smile.


My second favorite pic of the year. My favorite person in the whole wide world with me at Christmas time. 

Merry Christmas!


Our table.  The tablecloth is stained and I couldn’t find the one that I usually use, but it is our family celebrating Christmas together.


Enough said.

Merry Christmas and here’s to wrapping up another December Daily!

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Liz said...

Noah said he definitely was not saying he is a Bills fan. And he doesn't want people thinking than because he is not a loser!!!