Sunday, December 2, 2012

December Daily 2012-Day 1


December Daily!  It’s here!  Here is another look at the cover.


And a close-up.


The intro page.  I completed this a few weeks ago. I LOVE using Elle’s Studio Tags.


I didn’t use as many as I wanted last year, so I am trying to use them more this year.


On the back.


I love this paper.  Love the colors and the scene, so I wanted to use it without covering it up.


The main story for Day one was William caroling before the parade. 


Since I had extra time on Saturday, I added a couple of additional notes and photos as well.  This is a polaroid I took of Elizabeth and I on Friday night. 


And a Polaroid of Bill and I before we went out.  I think I’m going to add some additional journaling on the lines about the day and some of the things that we did that we do every year.


And a Polaroid of Bryan and I that I took after we took him shopping and he got some new jeans.

(His payment to me for the jeans was a photo with his Mom Open-mouthed smile)


And finally the 4x6 December Daily overlay from Ali Edwards (that you can find here).  I decided to alternate between the 4x6 overlays and the 6x8 overlays this year that you can find here.  The photo was printed using my Polaroid Pogo Printer. 

So this is my plan.  I won’t have this many pages every day.  I was inspired and wanted to get a good start on my album, so I added some touches here and there to the first day that I wouldn’t normally.  I am stocked up on Polaroid film for my Polaroid 300 camera and I also have several packages of the polaroid zink photo paper for my POGO printer.  I also print directly from my HP printer onto 4x6 and 8.5 x 11 photo paper.  (I only print my own photos during December for December Daily, I don’t print at home all the time).  I have all of my December crafting items sitting out in my living room where I can work on it here and there when I have time.  I also have the December Daily 3x4 Journaling cards (available here) already printed out and cropped so that I can journal on them each day and that is what I am using for my Project Life Album. 

Good luck on your December Daily and thanks for stopping by!

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iowajewel said...

love your cover!!!! the colors are sooo yummy! love your instant photos too!