Tuesday, April 19, 2011

How NOT to Spend A Sunday Afternoon


A couple weeks ago, Elizabeth called while I was getting ready to take a little Sunday afternoon siesta to say that the truck had broken down.  Daddy was working (of course), so I left to see what kind of help I could be. 

This photo is me sitting behind the truck with my flashers on.  People don’t seem to know what flashers mean.  I had to keep waving people on.  Frankly, I decided that most people are stupid after this day.


This is Elizabeth and I hanging out in the car waiting for the tow truck-love having a camera on my phone for times like this. 


This is the tow truck driver hooking up the truck.  You can see that the truck chose kind of a bad place to die on her, but we got it home. 

It turned out that all that was wrong was the alternator.  Mr. Tryon had a new alternator in the truck and had it running and ready to go by 10:30 the next morning.  The sad thing is that Elizabeth is already showing “the gene”.  The gene that zaps alternators with nothing but a look.  I have had to replace at least 3 alternators over the course of my driving existence (possibly more-I don’t recall some of my earlier cars problems, so I may be forgetting some). 

Happy Wednesday…and don’t spend your Sundays this way!

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