Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Easter 2011-Part 3 Dog Baths


Within a half an hour of arriving at Mom’s, the dogs had found something horrible smelling to roll in. 

Time for a bath for all 3.

Tigger wasn’t happy.


Ralph was so embarrassed because the Pantene made him kind of frizzy for the rest of the night.  So he just laid around and slept the rest of the night.


And I didn’t get a picture of Pudge when she was all wet and ratty looking because I was the one who gave Pudgey her bath.  But here she is growling at a raccoon in the back yard.  Yes Pudge, you are vicious! Pudge actually got 2 baths because she rolled in something again on Sunday. 

Happy Thursday! 

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Anonymous said...

hehe, Well they look like they take them pretty well. I was just thinking time to give ours a bath - the rain makes them soft but not smelling good. lol