Sunday, April 17, 2011

Around the House


I love tulips this time of year! 


So beautiful and Easter-y!


There has been a lot of this (Mario Kart Racing) on the Wii.


Complaining about reading (I wish I knew where this came from…it certainly didn’t come from this side of the family!)


Watching as rain turned to snow on Saturday morning!


and Scrapbooking for Elizabeth’s graduation album.  Although really, what I have been doing is more like Scrap-Lifting.  Thanks to all of the wonderfully talented people out there and all of the fantastic classes that I have taken over the last year-the album is slowly but surely getting finished.  I did take a break on Sunday to play some Donkey Kong Country Returns.  So fun and frustrating! 

Hope you had a productive and wonderful weekend.   

Happy Monday!

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