Monday, June 22, 2009

My Weekend

I got off work early on Friday because I worked my butt off earlier in the week. First I helped Bryan finish cleaning his room. He really did a pretty good job. Most of what he had left just needed to be swept into a trash bag. Then we went and bought paint to FINALLY turn his pink room (over a year, I think, he's put up with it...) into a very manly shade of blue. This is me. Obviously. At the point that I took this photo I was close to completely off my rocker because of this:
Elizabeth was home for less than 5 minutes-she popped in-"Can I put my handprint on the wall?" Put her hand in the puddle of paint and proceeded to slap it on the wall...several times.

Elizabeth was here.

Bryan's door.

Trim finally painted and 3 coats later-Saturday night.

What I found Sunday morning.
Bryan stayed up late moving furniture back into his room. So sweet. He loves the room and I think it turned out great! And boy did I sleep well!

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Sarah J said...

It looks great!! Much better than pink! You guys were busy this weekend!