Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Bryan's Graduation

Getting ready to go to school on Wednesday morning.
Sitting in the auditorium, waiting for awards to be handed out. Every time I go to one of these, I swear that I am NOT going to bring my camera. Because let's be taken 2 miles away indoors in a poorly lit auditorium do not turn out. Especially when I can't sit still in the first place. Yet I delude myself and let my husband "guilt" me into taking the camera every time. I will not do it again. I will take pictures outside after the event. NOT inside.

Setting up the tripod outside to take a photo with Bryan.

One of the photos that I took had a real smile from Bryan and Bill. I looked like an idiot in that photo so I refuse to post it :)
Happy graduation, Bryan. We love you very much!

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