Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Time to Vent Wednesday

2 things to vent about today...
1. This is an angry face. This is the face of a 15-year old girl who loves to watch "Boy Meets World." And who wouldn't Boy Meets World is an awesome show. It is very "wholesome" by today's standards and far better for a 15 year old to watch than some of the stuff I have flipped past on other channels. Anyway, this face is angry. Because there are only 3 seasons of "Boy Meets World" on DVD. And no more. Why? Why?
2. This dog. My dog? Oh, no. Why? Because when my dogs bark, and I have 3, I let them in. I don't allow them to anger everyone in the neighborhood because they just go on barking for hours and hours without stopping...
I am finished.
Happy Wednesday!

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