Monday, March 9, 2009

ArtJournaling 102 Participation

I decided to post the part 2 page right on my blog. Here are the layers:

1. About 10 pages of last Sunday's newspaper glue-sticked together.

2. gesso

3. paint wash

4. brayer 2 colors together

5. mask-heart doiley with spray wash

6. texture tool and brown paint

7. monoprint

8. palette knife more paint

9. shelf liner print

10. sanding over the words and flower in the gesso

11. collage text with

12. collage heart shaped newspaper

13. pastels

14. Pitt pen writing

These may not be in the exact right order-I didn't write them down until after I was finished with the page. While I am not usually a patient person, I really love the time that it takes for an art journal page or a collage painting to come together. Thanks, Dina-I really LOVE your class and am looking forward to next week!!


Dina said...

I'm not patient, either...this is looking fab!

Jen said...

Looks really cool! That must be such a fun class!