Saturday, March 14, 2009

Celebrating a Week in Our Life

The photo has nothing to do with my post, except I haven't uploaded today's photos yet and I love this photo of Ralph taken by Bryan. It pretty much summarized what everyday life is like around here. So sweet.

I am starting a new Week in the Life project this week. I am excited because I haven't done one since September and things change so rapidly around here that no 2 weeks are ever the same. One thing I want to do differently this time is to focus more on the things that I do everyday rather than all of the things that the kids do. I usually choose to do a "Week in the Life" when I have a lot of things going on so that I tend to have a ton of photo journalistic stuff, but not so much journaling. So I'm going to try to work on that this week. I plan to try to use twitter more often and maybe even notepad and my journals to keep track of the little stuff that is going on that doesn't always get captured. This next week is pretty laid back. There are no PTA meetings this week. Art Journaling 102 is over...I am really bummed out because I was thinking that it was 4 weeks, not 3 so it ended way too soon for me. I learned a ton, so I will still be working on techniques this week. And maybe posting to the gallery. Anyway, I am only taking one other class right now and it is pretty simple-the sew scrappy happy class at 2 Peas. There are no concerts this week. No talent shows, no band carnivals, no Bingo nights, no vocal music concerts. Just real life. What we are doing everyday.
I am really looking forward to taking the time to capture those things. Maybe I will try to get some video too. Because I love listening to my kids. Especially when they are being goofy. On video. When they are up in my face sometimes that is a little stressful...Looking forward to a great week!
I haven't really decided what format I want to use to present my Everyday photos yet. I'm thinking about using Ali Edwards' 8.5 x 11 overlays. (Bought them during one of Designer Digitals big sales, then forgot that I had them...) I might do a digital format, or I might do a hybrid format. I have been collecting ephemera already today, so I will probably find some way to gather that into the format. I have also been doing a lot of art journaling lately, so I may also try to incorporate that as well. I'm sure that I will be inspired to do something! Happy Saturday!

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