Monday, August 8, 2011

Camping Mini-Book 2011


My original plan was to take some Polaroid 300 pics so that I could create a quick mini-book or page or whatever from our camping trip. 

Then I thought I would order some 4x6s.

Then I changed my mind again (I can do that because I’m a woman-I remind men that when I’m at work too) and decided that I would post some photos on my blog so that I could save them on my phone and then print them on the Polaroid POGO printer (I LOVE Bluetooth!).


First things first-I decided that I really loved the way the front of my 4x6 Explore notebook turned out for Shimelle’s class (See the post here) that I wanted to make a cover similar to that.  So that is how my cover was born. 


I also found a piece of ribbon that was just the right shade of blue in my scraps, so I threw that in too.


Then I went to town.  I used lots of butterflies, letter stickers, pen, and stamps.  And tags from Elle’s Studio-you can find them here.


I used Polaroids, photos from my Blackberry, and photos from my Rebel Xsi. 


I didn’t spend a ton of time on the pages-in fact I put the whole book together on Sunday afternoon. 


I really just wanted to get the memories down on paper while they were still fresh. 


If it hadn’t been for Shimelle’s class, I probably wouldn’t have been inspired to have an adventure at all.


Much less taken the time to create a mini-book about it. 


We had a fabulous weekend.  And I had a fabulous time reliving it doing what I love.


Happy Monday! 

Thanks for looking!

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