Sunday, April 19, 2009

Year in Review-February

Edited: Apparently, I yet again posted on the wrong day. I wish you all a happy Tuesday in advance. Enjoy the post anyway! I had originally planned to use the "first flower" post for Tuesday. But I forgot to change the post options to Tuesday, so it posted on Sunday. I wanted to have a post for Tuesday, so here it is! Both digital elements are from Ali Edwards and are available here (2009 date stamp) and here (handwritten Months overlay). I hope you enjoy it! I am working on some stuff around the studio-some painting to prepare for Donna Downey's album to arrive (available here and NO-I did not order the kit with EVERYTHING in it-I did practice some restraint) and the sold out Donna Downey ATC's (photo here) which I will post next week. Happy Tuesday! Keep creating!

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