Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Driver's Ed

OMG! It seems like only yesterday when I was putting her in a carseat. Now she is learning how to get behind the wheel of a car without me! Today is Elizabeth's first day of Driver's Ed. Here is where I hope she pays attention (not to mention the fact that I hope I get my money's worth out of this overpriced class!). So I came up with some things for her to remember.
May she listen to the instructor where she may not listen to me.
May she always where her seatbelt.
May she NEVER EVER get behind the wheel of a car after drinking.
May she NEVER EVER get into a car with someone who has been drinking.
May she obey traffic laws at all times.
May she always call home when she is going to be late, but NOT while she is driving.
May she NEVER text while driving. Now this is the one that I worry most about. The child is a texting fool. She drives me nuts-she can't even watch a movie without texting. Or have a conversation. But I digress...
May she always be home on time, safe and sound, where I know what she is doing and who she is with.
I love you, Elizabeth. Stay safe and be a good girl. Take care of yourself. It is so hard to let go...even a little at a time.

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