Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Easter 2009

I created a display on the dining room table for Easter this year. I bought a bunch of tulips at Hy-Vee and a clearanced Easter Lily at Walmart for like $3.50 on Saturday morning. I think it turned out really awesome. I am so ready for Spring to come to Iowa, so the tulips really put me in a Spring mood!

Look, Mom! I made the thing with the white carnations and the yellow eggs just like in the Better Homes and Gardens magazine! Next year I think I'll use yellow food coloring for the eggs, but I love the carnations. They smell so good!
I made deviled eggs with our Easter eggs. That seems a bit sacriligious, but they tasted great!

Daddy worked all day on Saturday and Sunday, so I took a couple of shots on Sunday evening after we ate dinner.

William wasn't in the best of moods. He got a new video game on Friday, so I think he had been staying up too late playing it all weekend.

Daddy doing dishes on Friday...Day 2!!!

Sunday reading goodness! And oh it was-so much studio inspiration in this magazine.

Decorating the bunny cake? Or eating the M&Ms? You make the call.

I got a photo of Bryan with his Easter basket on Sunday. But no one else... They all slept too late...

Saturday night-Daddy taking pictures. The kids decorated Easter eggs. This year I made about 6 yellow eggs. For pure decoration only. Everyone was disappointed that I wasn't going to let them eat those eggs.

Elizabeth made a special egg. She also made one that said, "We love you , J. Cutler" but I'm not quite on board with that one yet. Hoping that you all had a great Easter weekend celebration.

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