Friday, February 27, 2009

Everyday Stuff

I can't believe it's been a whole week since I last created a post! I found this photo on one of the cameras when I was clearing SD cards over the weekend. I love it! Why?
1. Because I didn't take it.
2. Because it shows me doing something "everyday."
3. It was unscripted. (IE, I didn't have to ask someone to take my photo

What am I doing? Grocery list. Every thursday, or friday (depending on my mood-sometimes not until Sat. morning...) I sit down and create a menu for the week. Then I write down what I need to create that menu. Then I ADD as MANY ART supplies and scrapbook stuff that I can to the list without creating a $500 list. (Very difficult...) Then I rewrite the list so that everything is in "Aisle" order. Yes, kind of a long process, but I dislike shopping (unless it's Barnes and Noble or Michaels or Scrapadoodle (in Peoria, IL). Anyway, that is the story.

Also wanted to add that I have taken the Art Journaling 101 archived class here:

It was...awesome! I have just started art journaling recently and it was great learning so many new techniques. Most of the stuff I already had laying around anyway! Dina Wakely has some wonderful ideas and the video tutorials are great!

I am now taking Art Journaling 102 and I am learning so much-even in the first week that all can say is-WOW. I highly recommend it.

Thanks for peeking and have a great weekend! I hope to have my Feb. Project 365 posted on either Sunday morning or Monday!

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