Thursday, February 19, 2009

2 of My Favorite Photos Right Now

These are my 2 favorite photos right now. Why? Because they show my teenagers exactly the way I want to remember them. And that is why I invest rediculous amounts of money in taking photos. Because I love the feeling that I captured a moment exactly the way I want to remember.
First, my 13 year old son. This photo shows him the way he WANTS to be seen-way too cool to be standing outside in front of a lake freezing his butt off in February so his Mom could take photos with her new zoom lens...poor kid...but this photo is soooo William.
Second, is Elizabeth. Being a teenager is such a roller coaster ride. And about 50% of my photos of her have her making some sort of strange face at the camera. So this is a rare treasure. She is not looking at the camera. She is just being herself-with my new prime lens. Laughing. Which is what she does most often.
I love taking photos. And I love getting those shots that are...just right.

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