Saturday, February 28, 2009

Digital Fun

I absolutely love how one passion helps to feed another. So I ran downstairs at 6:00 pm local time because that is when the new designer digitals stuff goes up on Saturday evenings. I grabbed the 25 cent negative strips (in the page above) and then I was going to "really quickly" print my self-portraits for Art Journaling 102 and then go alter them. thing led to another and I realized that the negative strips would look great on a page in a different art journal that I am working on. This led to me thinking that the negative strip would also look great on a scrapbook page. So I decided to do a quick digital scrapbook page too. Which is funny because it has been forever since I've done a digital page other than the Project 365 Month pages. Anyway-thought I would post the digital page! I love these photos. Loving how many different ways I have used them over the past few weeks! Happy Saturday!

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