Thursday, September 27, 2012

Right Now


Work in Progress

Answering the Challenge By Ali Edwards to do a post about Life. Right. Now.  You can read more about it here.

Right now there is a lot of celebrating the birth of Noah-from the fact that he is finally home from the hospital (he was 5 weeks early), that he is healthy, and that I get to hold and spoil him.

Right now I am happy that Elizabeth is healthy and happy-that emergency appendectomy seemed to do the trick!

Right now I am trying not to think about the hospital bills that will be coming soon.

Right now I am finding it difficult to focus on painting and projects. 

Right now I am feeling called to clean our house from top to bottom to welcome Noah to our family.

Right now our dogs are confused.  Tigger wants to be a momma puppy and wants to help Noah stop crying.  She is very concerned.

Right now I am supposed to be getting ready for work.

Right now I am trying not to think about how long William be away once he is at sea in the Navy. 

Right now my husband thinks the new rocking chair is just for him and Noah Open-mouthed smile.

Right now I just got a TON of photos printed.

Right now I am loving how Bryan is doing his homework and is trying really hard at school.

Right now I am loving the cooler weather and especially the leaves changing color-so beautiful!

Right now I am doing a lot of organizing and decluttering.  (Loving the result around my house!)

Right now I am sweating out impending layoffs just a little bit.

Right now William wants $375 to sign up for Behind the Wheel.

Right now I am happy, stressed, tired, excited and full of ideas, but I seem to be low on energy.

Right now I am going to watch the Season Premiere of The Big Bang Theory!

Happy Thursday!

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