Sunday, August 12, 2012

Sunday Golf















So, let me start by pointing out that the temperature on Sunday morning when we woke up was in the 50s.  In Illinois.  In August.  In AUGUST! 

That is all. 

Anyway, we went golfing with my brother.  It was a rare chance for him to get out of the house and enjoy the peace and quiet away from the screaming 1 year old.  Open-mouthed smile .  He took full advantage of the opportunity.


Excited to have a pic of the two of us golfing.  Normally, we only golf by ourselves and don’t have anyone to take a photo.


Jakey had like his best game ever.  Butch may have too.


My game was okay.  Not fantastic.  But I had fun Open-mouthed smile


Waiting for the team ahead of us.


Together.  Good times.

Happy Monday!

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