Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Starting my Sketchbook


I kind of hesitate to post this, but I have been challenging myself this week to watercolor in my sketchbook in the morning before I leave for work. 


This is my most recent page that I worked on this morning using the photo above.


I really love how it turned out.


I find that I work best by just sitting down first thing in the morning with a photo and starting to paint. 


It amazes me how hard it is to sit down and just start.  But if I start first thing in the morning before my brain has a chance to protest and argue and whine about how I’m not good enough to work in a sketchbook or paint “scenes” I actually get a lot more done.


This one isn’t done yet-I still need to add some outlining for the details, but I’m pretty happy with the results.  It is my first “landscape-style” watercolor.


The umbrellas are my favorite Open-mouthed smile


And since I don’t have any zinnias this year, I have been combing my previous year photos and attempting to paint them.


And I love how this one turned out too.


My favorite part is the part of the jar that says “Ball”. 

Anyway-I hope you enjoyed this peek at what I’ve been working on lately.

Happy Thursday!

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