Thursday, November 3, 2011



I created the cover for my Journal Your Christmas Album. 

You can read more about Shimelle’s Journal Your Christmas class here.  This will be my second year following along with Shimelle’s JYC class.  I loved receiving the prompts everyday last year. 

This year, I decided to use a spiral scrapbook that my sister (thanks, Sari Open-mouthed smile) gave me along with a tote full of things that she didn’t want to use anymore.  (Well…she didn’t want to use it at the time.  Hope she doesn’t change her mind Smile  )  Anyway, the scrapbook had a navy blue cover.  I removed the front cover, painted it pink, and replaced it. 


Then I grabbed a handful of things from my December Daily container and used them for decorating. 


For now, I’m working on gessoing the interior pages.  I may also paint them.  My plan for this album is to treat it like an art journal.  We’ll see.  I think that was what last year’s JYC album was meant to be and I ended up making it a second “december daily!”  Thanks for looking and enjoy!

Happy Friday!!

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