Thursday, March 22, 2012

Happy Father’s Day, Part 2


So-you may remember that this happened a couple of weeks ago.


It was Daddy’s Father’s Day present last year and he loved his car VERY much.  You know…the kind of love where he goes out and wipes it down with a chamois and stuff like that.


Yesterday we drove to Chicago and this was the first look we had at this girl.  I’m pretty sure that we both fell in love with her at first sight.  And then I test drove.  He always makes me drive.  He didn’t even drive it until last night after we dropped the rental car off Open-mouthed smile


Long story short…we bought our first S series.  Love IT.  Not sure what I love more-the 340 hp 4.2L V8…or the ridiculously comfortable Recaro seats that hug your butt while you’re driving…


Anyway…we made it out of Chicago in one piece.


And I got to shop at Archiver’s.


And I took a really blurry photo of Daddy and Bryan.

It was a good trip.

Happy Thursday!

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